Preston Opportunities presents...
The Estate of Alma McCutcheon
OCTOBER 13, 2012
9091 Chattsworth Road, Midland (Columbus) Georgia

This auction will be conducted in two parts:

PART 1 - Begins at 9 AM
Household and Special Collectibles


41 Countertop Jukebox
and stand

j41 Counter Jukebox


71 Countertop Jukebox
and stand


850 Wurlitzer Peacock Jukebox

850 Jukebox

950 Wurlitzer Jukebox

950 jukebox


PART 2 - Begins at 12 NOON
MGM Treasures accumulated for over 75 years

These are the artifacts documenting a lifetime of adventure: the Collection of Volney Phifer.

What you see represented in this auction are not just items from an avid Hollywood collector. Yes, Volney Phifer was the man behind the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer roaring lion.

But he was also a man with a lifetime of extreme adventure. Sent by the studio to Africa in 1930 to be the wildlife expert for the groundbreaking film, "Trader Horn". A remote set where the local wildlife could, and did,take the lives crew members. Taking up residence with the entire production on the Arctic Circle for the 1931 film "Eskimo". Constructing a sprawling Chinese farmland in Chatsworth, California for the 1937 film "The Good Earth". Oh, and all the while domesticating a water buffalo to be one of the film's stars.

The stories he could have told about his daily routines on "Gone With the Wind" as chief animal wrangler, whenever he handed the reins to Clark Gable. The intensive training he and Cheeta must have gone through preparing for every single "Tarzan" film. And who wouldn't want to have been there for the daily ritual on the set of "The Wizard of Oz". Volney was MGM's go-to man for literally any production that involved an animal, on set or on a publicity tour, throughout the Golden Era of Hollywood.
Everything you see here... is a studio keepsake... representing one or another of those adventures...

What an amazing ride this life must have been for Volney!



Pre-1940 TARZAN Posters
never displayed in public

and signage

Buckboard wagon



Thousands of photos
dating from 1916

photo album images/mgmpix


modeled after MGM stars

images/mgmpix marionette puppet mickey rooney marioneyye


and signage

images/mgmpix Lion Wagon



Film Props

eskimo dog sled movie prop


Wizard of Oz Photo

IN DEPTH: "The Good Earth"- one sheet (27" X 41") movie poster, 1937 MGM

Special promotional for upcoming appearance of 'HII, The Chinese Bull' who appears as a principal actor (and was touring the world in a 1937 Chevrolet!). HII was one of MGM animal handler, Volney Phifer's amazing accomplishments. This was just one of the many great challenges MGM imposed upon Volney.

The Good Earth stars Paul as Wang Lung, a Chinese farmer with Luise Ranier as his wife.
Ranier won an Academy Award as Best Actress for her performance and the film won Best Cinematography that year. The film was also nominated for Best Director,
Best Film Editing and Best Picture.

It was a massive production, three years in the making, with a massive budget, for that era, of $2.8 million. An entire 500 acre farm in Chatsworth California was transformed into the rural Chinese landscape for the production. Volney Phifer was animal handler in charge of all the livestock in the picture. Sadly, due to anti-miscregenation rules in Hollywood at the time,
the lead roles were cast with actors of Western descent, made to look Asian with
specially developed makeup techniques.

There is no documented sale to date of this rare poster.

Sequoia photo

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